My So-Called Love Life

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Too Much Too Little

I've come to the conclusion that we, those who endlessly date, trying to find that one right person, do not know how to make up our minds.

Though in good meaning, when we date people, we explore the individual both emotionally and sexually. But in todays world, we're much quicker to explore the person Sexually first.
What happens is, granted we have sex with a person more sooner than we can thoroughly get to know them, is that we are either let down by their performance and don't even allow the chance to get to know them emotionally, or, in almost all cases, the sex is so good that we only want to know them sexually.

It's no surprise that it's so hard to find someone that we can enjoy equally in between. But perhaps that's because of our undying need for complete satisfaction. Or perhaps we are so closed-minded.

It seems we either enjoy the sex so much that the emotional aspect isn't needed because the sex alone suffices. Or the emotional connection (prior to the sex) is so overwhelming, it turns off our sexual desire for the person.

It's tenuously difficult to decide whether to take things slow or break the ice...
But the best I can say is just go with the flow,
Because either way, you're going to come off strong in either said matter.

Do you sit around and wait for them to give you directions,
or do you act impulsively based on how you feel?

Here's an idea... Why not let them present their interest first.
And by that, I don't mean they make a move.
I mean that they make it clear it's ok to make yours.
Nor am I suggesting to act impulsively...
Instead, meet them half-way!