My So-Called Love Life

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Friday, May 21, 2004

“Fictif, Libido, et Ennui”

Love... it's quite the tricky emotion. You never really know if you're in Love or if you're just in Lust. They say that Love is an emotion, but sometimes I often tend to question that ideal because in my belief; Love is just a word, and the only time it means something is when it has a purpose. People say that they're in love because the guy is extremely nice, kind, sincere, ect. and is great in bed. Minus all the other outcomes; is “great in bed” the only thing that we have to justify our emotions? I remember the days when “love” was so much more easier, because all that really mattered was a good night kiss, or the simple gesture of holding hands. But nowadays, Sex is all there is, or seems to be. And it complicates the shit out of everything because it gets us so confused to the point where we debate whether or not we “love” the person, or whether we simply just “love” how great they are in bed. Sex is an abomination of the human emotion(s). Not only does it confuse us, in terms of what our feelings for our partner(s) are, but it also stirs up emotions --- so much to the point where we get obsessive, possessive and overall; psychotic. We all seem to play Limbo. We try to balance out what the difference is between Love and Lust. In my belief, there is no difference, for the fact being that “relationships” are supposed to be all about having fun. But when the hell did we get so serious? I wonder...... When it comes to reading between the lines, how are we supposed to know what “line” we're supposed to read between if we don't even know where we stand?