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Friday, September 17, 2004

"Where To, Now?"

After a conflicting break-up, you come to terms with yourself; in terms of indulging in new ordeals, or even "flavors", persè.
It's a common fact that we all run away from anything that reflects any sort of similarity of a relationship, prior to this new dilemma.
But what bothers me is the fact that, eventually, you'll run out of "sample products" to try. So what happens when you've done it all, seen it all?
Do we simply go back to the prior retailers we've been to before, in hopes to find a new "product" to try?
Or perhaps we retry those in which we've tried before, giving ourself the audacity and the courtesy to give ourselves time to let it mold onto us, so to speak.

There's no stopping going back.
It's something inevitable.
We're always going to be curious, as to how well this "product" suits you.
But the tricky part is;
If we don't check back [in time], we could miss out on something that would've been great if you had only given it time to "prove itself", so to speak.
But say we don't make it back to this retailer in time, and this particular product you've been avoiding -- but want so badly, to benefit for the sake of your own happiness and satisfaction -- isn't there anymore.

What now?
Do you simply just give up and hope for something better to come around, or should you wait -- in hopes to find this certain thing you've been yearning for -- to come around for one last "sample", assuming of course you're ready to buy it?

Who knows where the roads will lead me, or even what departments they'll lead me into.
But for what it's worth.......
I'm ready.